In Language, a child engages in activities and uses hands-on materials that first prepare him for reading and writing, such as the Sandpaper Letters and the Metal Insets. Once he has mastered Sandpaper Letters, by sight and sound, he will then move on to building 2 or 3 letter words, phonetically, by using large moveable letters. He will go through a series of materials that focus on reading 2 or 3 letter words. Once mastered, he will then start again with the moveable letters, but this time building 4 or more letter words phonetically. Once the child is confident with these skills, he will be introduced to non-phonetic language learning individual phonograms. This is followed by the introduction of basic parts of speech and grammar.

The sensitive period for language is one that each child is ready for individually. The teachers observe each child for interest and readiness and then offer them the materials and lessons that will appeal to their individual interests - all children are different and will be ready at different ages. The Montessori language lessons and materials teach the child a progression of skills that will give him the foundation required to read and write at his own pace.